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Hi! I'm Kahilee - I drink pumpkin spice anything all year long, I'm obsessed with painting walls, I make killer cheesecake, and I am the owner of Four Daughters Cleaning. 


I am the proud mother of not one, not two, but YOU GUESSED IT! Four beautiful girls. A couple of years ago, my life became sink or swim and I needed to find a way to survive. I had big dreams of doing something I was good at, spending as much time as possible with my family, AND thriving. I know, right?!​


One year from that 'eat or be eaten' moment, Four Daughters was born. One of my biggest passions in life is helping people and if I was going to start a new career, it was going to start with something I love! No matter who you are - a tidy, cozy, organized house makes for the same kind of life. ​


I started this business for a few reasons. I wanted my daughters to be proud of their mother. I NEEDED something that was my own. And I wanted to forge a life for me, and for you, that was clean and comfortable. Now, we have a group of girls who can't wait to help make your home as bright and beautiful as you!




WT LOGO - Four Daughters.png
We are proud to provide the best service that suits your lifestyle! We offer cleaning packages, custom cleaning, and one-time cleaning specials!

All visible surfaces, lightswitches, mirrored surfaces, countertop appliances, appliance faces, floors, empty garbages, all door handles. and more!


ALL STANDARD CLEANING also including trim, door frames, ceiling fans, light fixtures, basic shower clean (prices may vary depending on stain, mildew, and water mark removal), backsplashes and more!


We do understand that every person and situation is different. We want to make sure this service works for YOU - that is the point, afterall. Please contact us for personalized pricing with your goals and life in mind!


All tenants and lifestyles are not the same. We know that it would be hard to find a standard cleaning package that works for everyone. We are happy to approach this on a case-by-case basis to ensure all sanitary needs are met!

Please contact us at for any custom packages or long term services


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For the first time in the 6.5 years I have been in my home and it truly feels, looks, and smells SO clean! These ladies knocked my socks off! I’m so beyond impressed and now, I don’t want anyone to walk on my clean floors! They truly care about the work they do and have so much passion for service! I would highly recommend Four Daughters Cleaning and I’m so excited to continue working with them!!!

Korbyn May

I highly recommend Four Daughters! I was apprehensive about asking for help from a company but Kahilee has been so helpful and kind to our family that I feel very fortunate to have come across her business. Everything seems above and beyond- surprises or special toys setup for my little boys, chocolates for Valentine’s Day… Little acts of kindness that have been there each visit since she has been helping us. This is in addition to great communication, flexibility and of course a much cleaner house. I can’t recommend Four Daughters enough!!

Courtney Lagerveld

Kahilee and her team were amazing. Never having done a deep clean before, I am so impressed and thankful that I found Four Daughters Cleaning company. They were friendly, efficient, and professional. Most importantly, they did an amazing job and my home is in much better shape thanks to them. I highly recommend them to anyone and will definitely be using them again and again! Thanks ladies!

Liz Nelligan

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  • Are you Insured? Yes, we sure are. We do this for your protection and ours. We are also licensed.

  • Will it be the same tech each visit? While I would love to say yes, I must be honest as the reality is that occasionally, you might see one of the other 3 girls due to illness or “life”. I do pride my business in the fact that we are very small – so really you should always see the same techs each visit – or at least one team lead.

  • Are tips required? Absolutely not, but we do appreciate the generosity.

  • Will my service be the same time each visit? We love keeping our schedule consistent, which means keeping clients on the same day each visit. We do allow a 1-hour window for arrival incase of traffic and or a clean took just a little bit longer than expected.

  • Can my pets and children be there? As far we are concerned, kids and pets are always welcome! This is their home, let them be. We do have a base rule - we will not go back over if a pet/child comes back through once we've completed a space.

  • What kind of products do you use? Four Daughters is very passionate about using products that are used in their own homes. We use all natural and biodegradable products. In the event that there is a messy job – we will bring out the big stuff with permission.

  • How do we pay? You can pay check or cash (the day of service) paypal or Jobber. If you are paying via paypal or jobber, there will be a 4% fee attached to your transaction.

  • How do we prepare for your visit? Imagine your in-laws just called and said they are 30 minutes away and you have let your kids do whatever they want for the last 10 hours. Just do that! We ask that you do the "tidying" so we can focus on the cleaning. When we spend more time on picking up, we have to charge more. This is unless, it is an organizing job!

  • Can I be home while you clean? Absolutely, this is your home. We just ask that you give us our space to clean. Same with kiddos.

  • Why does the initial clean cost more? We require all homes to be brought up to what we call “maintenance clean”. This requires getting any build up, mildew, and stains off surfaces and makes regular services easier to help you keep up with.

  • Do you move furniture & appliances? We do not move large items for liability reasons. We will move easy-to-move furniture, like ottomans or end tables. We do not move appliances because of gas and water lines.

  • What is the cancellation policy? We ask that there is a 24-hour notice for regular scheduled clients. For all other service we ask for a 48-hour notice. We understand that sickness and acts of God are not in our control and we do our best to work around every situation.

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